I'd been trying to gain muscle for a year or so on my own by doing bodybuilding, I was getting stronger but still looked the same. When I found the guys at The Tenth Yard they introduced me to more more of a functional style of training, this is where my love for Calisthenics (body weight training) exploded and my training become more interesting than doing bicep curls in front of a mirror! The routines they put me through barely used weights but I saw more progress in 12 weeks than I did in 12 months!

Scotty Godward

When I reached 21 stone I realised I needed to hit the gym, so I signed up by myself and I did 60 minute cardio sessions 3 times a week but barely saw any difference and hated going. I needed help and that's when I found The Tenth Yard. They showed me that the gym was just 20% of what i needed to do, it was my diet that was hindering my weight loss in the gym. In 5 months I dropped from 21 stone down to 15 stone! I don't drag myself the gym anymore (I look forward to it!) and boring cardio sessions were a distant memory. I've still got a bit more to go but now I have the knowledge and motivation to do it all thanks to The Tenth Yard.

Alex Gentle