Personalised Exercise and Nutrition Plans from The Tenth Yard are for those that need a completely customised plan to follow. Generic plans you find on the internet are OK, but if you want to take your training further then this is for you!

Below you will find 3 options for Personalised Exercise and Nutrition Plans, you can opt for just exercise, just nutrition or get both plans together for a complete plan.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Customised Exercise Only Plan

Just need a new routine in the gym? This is for you.
Customised towards your goals
Tailored to your schedule
Each workout broken down in to sets & reps
Tempo & rest periods aimed at your goal explained
Advanced training techniques explained

Customised Exercise & Nutrition Plan

Want a complete customised exercise and nutrition plan tailored to your goals? Then you need this one!
Customised towards your goals
Tailored workout plan
Tailored nutrition plan
Everything else from both plans in 1 bundle

Customised Nutrition Only Plan

Sorted in the gym but struggling in the kitchen? We got you!
Customised towards your goals
Tailored to your likes & dislikes
Suitable for all budgets
Daily Calorie & Macro-nutrient breakdowns
Supplementation advice included

How it works

Upon sign-up you will be sent a detailed questionnaire for you to complete. This will give me a clear picture of your overall health, nutritional history and lifestyle. Most importantly you write down your goals.

Your questionnaire will then be assessed and your plan will be created with your chosen goals in mind, this makes each plan specific and personal to you.

After 3 working days your plan will be sent to you via email. Now the real work begins and you will progress towards your health and fitness goals!

You will have unlimited email support for the duration of the plan, if you need any help or advice I am just an email away.