A healthy, attractive body starts when a person begins exercising. Strength training routines can really help to shape your entire body. Of course, strength isn’t limited to big muscles and capacity. it forms the foundation of day to day acts of athleticism. When you’re strong, you’ll run faster, lose weight, and hit harder. Convinced you need to work on your strength? Below are a few tips to help you improve your strength in the gym.

Master the ‘big four’

The deadlift, bench press, squat, and shoulder press are the best exercises to build strength. Taking on the chin-up and row to compliment the bench and shoulder press can be worthwhile too. You’ll keep your pulling muscles in balance with the pressing ones.

Keep it simple

Perhaps you’re looking to lift with the three seconds up, one second down kind of speed with the trainer. That’s alright! However, if you’re just starting, you’ll want to first focus on the raising and lowering sequence in a controlled manner other than how fast you do it. You can try using varying amounts of weight in an arbitrary tempo. If your speed is consistent, you’re sure you are getting stronger!

Avoid overdoing it

It’s advisable to always stick to three or four lifts per workout. Short workouts help you to take advantage of hormonal surges. Too many exercises in a session will only get most of them half done. Try taking the main lift, two assistant lifts to keep your body balanced and stronger, then a specialty work. Anything more will lessen your results.

Add weights slowly

Interestingly, a number of people go too heavy for too long and end up plateauing. However, when you take less weight than what you can lift for a given rep range, the workout will be more helpful. You can also increase the weight each session by no more than 10 pounds. You’ll hardly plateau again.

Learn to balance your training

What you do on one side should be replicated to the other side. You’ll keep off injuries and muscle imbalances. For instance, when you do squats, you should also do some Romanian deadlifts. The balancing exercise doesn’t have to be done in the same session. However, doing it in the same week can help a great deal!

Use barbells first

While the barbell takes the king, the dumbbell as queen, and the rest as court jester, they all have their rightful place. You’ll need to start your workouts with barbell exercises, such as the big four. You’ll have a chance to load a lot of weight. Of course, lifting heavy is a step closer to getting stronger. When done with the heaviest exercises, proceed to dumbbell and body weight training.

Maintain a log

You’ll want to record your exercises, sets, reps, and events of each workout. You’ll have the chance to keep track of your progress. Of course, you’ll be frustrated if you’re looking to get results quickly. Anyone can be impatient at times. However, you’ll want to keep persisting to build ultimate strength.

Give them a go and let us know how your lifts improve!