Training Facilities


Southend Street Gym

Calisthenics and Strength Gym

Southends best Calisthenics facility, you will not find a better gym to practice your skills, with outdoor areas for summer training and a fantastic rig found inside the gym you can get your reps in with ease in a friendly and supportive environment.

With me as your coach you’ll be put through you paces and your limits tested in this adult playground!

More information about Southend Street Gym can be found here:

Run the Rack

Mix it up

Southend Street gym offers a lot more than just Calisthenics, you’ll find a full rack of dumbbells to burn yourself out on after a heavy compound session in the dedicated weights room that now features a power rack and double cable machine. Just remember to rack your weights after, if you can rep ’em, you can put ’em away!

Don't forget leg day!

No Curling in the squat racks

No oneĀ really likes a leg day and with Calisthenics based training the legs are often forgotten or not worked to their full potential, but this is not a problem at Southend Street Gym, you’ll find 2 full size racks on the main gym floor and a power rack in the dedicated weights room, you have no excuse to skip leg day down here!

Not ready for a gym?

Home based training!

But what if you don’t have time to get to and from the gym or are a little nervous to start in a gym environment? No Problem! I can create a home based routine using little to no equipment, perhaps you already have some equipment you’d like to use but never find the motivation? Maybe there’s a park nearby that you can use? There really are no limitations when it comes to training and I can work in a range of environments.