So you’ve been doing your crunches, your leg raises and your windscreen wipers all summer, but you still cant see your abs, in fact they’re no where to be seen…unless you stand under that down lighting in the changing room and flex your abs till your eyes nearly pop out.

Where have you been going wrong you ask? This article we shed some light on why those 100 sit ups a day haven’t quite been working the way you imagined.

Eliminate Carbs

We don’t mean cut them out completely, as that tends to turn people in to raging psychopaths, but if you reduce their intake and avoid starchy carbs (Potatoes, Pasta, White Bread) then your body will use your fat stores for energy instead of the 500g of pasta you had before you went to the gym.
The other benefit of reducing carbs in your diet is that you will lower the amount of water stored in your body, this means more definition all over, you will feel less bloated as a result.

Avoid White Sugar

Yup, glucose and fructose, ¬†commonly found in white sugar is a no go if you’re trying to release the abs. Your liver is unable to cope with large quantities of it and will store the left overs as fat!

Eat More Protein

We all know that proteins are the building blocks of muscle so hopefully you’re already consuming lots of it from rich protein sources, if you’re not then this is where you’re going wrong in your quest for abs.
When consuming a lower then normal amount of carbs you will need to replace them with something, we recommend upping the protein, this will ensure that you don’t lose precious muscle mass while seeking those elusive abs, studies also ¬†show that individuals that have a diet high in protein tend to have less stomach fat.

Consume More Fiber

We all know Fiber as the nutrient that makes us go to the toilet more, but did you also know that it can contribute towards burning stomach fat? It does this by limiting the absorption of food in the stomach, this makes you feel full for longer and reduces cravings. High Fiber foods include Wheat, Barley, Legumes, Oats and Grains.

And that’s it! A short and simple guide to help you unearth those abs. The truth is that we all have a good set of abs already, unfortunately modern day living has covered them up, all that is required is to reduce your body fat levels to reveal them!