Woke up late? Had to work late? Or just simply couldn’t be bothered? Staying motivated is key to your success, losing it can throw you off course completely and result in missing hours in the gym.

Unfortunately it happens to all of us, sometimes life gets in the way and it cant be helped, but what happens when life isn’t in the way and you just cant be bothered to drag yourself to the gym? It may start with missing one session, but then the following week it turns in to two missed sessions, before you know it you haven’t been to the gym in weeks and you couldn’t be less motivated if you tried!

The main reason for people losing motivation and interest in the gym is not seeing any progress.

This is when bad habits can form, motivation is lost and you fall off track from your health and fitness journey, this can potentially lead to you never getting back on track or missing months at a time, your progress will grind to a halt and you’ll be stuck in a terrible loop that just makes things worse.

Its important to realise that sometimes you DO need to take a rest and if that means taking a few days or a week off then so be it, the difference here is to know when your BODY needs to rest or if your MIND is just being lazy, the latter being a problem.

Sound familiar? Currently off track and don’t have the motivation to get back on? Hopefully we can get you back in to the gym ASAP!

The main reason for people losing motivation and interest in the gym is not seeing any progress, why aren’t you seeing any progress? You’ve been eating right and hitting the gym regularly as planned for a year but you still cant hit that PR or shift that last bit of fat.

You’ve stagnated, or plateaued. One of the reasons this happens to people is because they keep following the same diet and routine expecting the same thing to consistently happen.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that, what worked 6 months ago will just be the norm now for your body, you NEED to constantly take a look at what you’re doing and adjust accordingly.

But when the mind is being lazy you need to drag yourself to gym, just showing up is half the battle.

For example, those 3500 calories that made you gain 6lb of muscle at the start of the year aren’t going to have the same effect come September, you need to bump them up by 250-500 calories and monitor what effect that has for the next 6 weeks or so.

It works the opposite way too, that calorie deficit that made you shed 4lbs 3 months ago isn’t going to give the same result month after month until you hit your goal weight, you need to either consume 250 fewer calories or burn an extra 250 off in the gym by increasing the intensity of your workouts.

You don’t need to jump on to the latest fad diet or the newest routine that claims to work better than any others, if you have something that worked for you before you just need to tweak it so that it continues working for you.

Making progress but still don’t want to go to the gym?

Everyone has days where they don’t want to go to the gym, we mentioned earlier that its important to know when your body needs a rest and when your mind needs rest, this is because when the body needs rest you should listen to it and actually rest, but when the mind is being lazy you need to drag yourself to gym, just showing up is half the battle.

You cant just switch on motivation and go kill a chest session when your mind is being lazy, but just turning up and going through the motions is completely fine, it happens to all of us, you need to be disciplined here and just know that doing SOMETHING is better than nothing.

Remember that time you missed a leg session and the week after when you finally did it you couldn’t walk for a few days? that’s because you let your lazy mind take over and you took an unnecessary rest day which you suffered for a week later, as a result your body is now suffering because of your mind.

Remember that everyone has off days, we are only human, so don’t beat yourself up about it, just make sure that if you do have an off day that you absolutely kill it when you come back in the right frame mind, there is nothing more motivating than destroying a gym session!