Why would you want natural ways to boost testosterone? It’s no surprise that people with more testosterone tend to excel in the gym over someone with low testosterone levels, after all, that is essentially why people take steroids, they increase the amount of testosterone in your body, allowing you to lift heavier, train for longer and recover faster, all of these put together equals rapid progress towards your health and fitness goals.

But what if you’re not in to injecting yourself or swallowing pills that harm your liver just so you can increase your testosterone levels? Read on…

The natural ways to boost testosterone that I’ll explain in this article will be divided into three sections;

  • Exercise Tips
  • Nutrition tip
  • Environmental tip

Exercise tips to help boost testosterone naturally

Heavy weight and compound movements

Squats, pull-ups and other multi-joint movements are fine for the body but adding heavy weights and fewer reps spur the production of testosterone. (Your routine should be based around the big compound movements anyway!)

The reason is because compound movements and heavy weight lifting tax your body more and sends a message to stimulate testosterone production.

Weight training should be short and intense

Research has shown that a longer training session increases cortisol, a catabolic (muscle breakdown) hormone which decrease the testosterone level in the body. But when you go on intense and short training sessions, it helps boost testosterone naturally.

Engage in weight training four times a week..ish

Don’t over train just because I said earlier that weight training helps boost testosterone, this is because over training increases cortisol production and reduces testosterone production, so the bottom line is to narrow your training to about four times a week. This is just a suggestion, some of you will be able to comfortably train more, some less, listen to your body and train accordingly.

Nutrition Tips for Boosting Testosterone

Increase your protein intake

It’s proven that protein consumption is a great boost for testosterone production. It helps feed the muscle and stimulate muscle growth and also boosts that testosterone production level naturally.

My advice is to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily to have more muscle support and increased testosterone production.

Need a delicious way to increase your protein intake? try this protein waffle recipe.

Emphasize quality dietary fats

Dietary fats are good fats that help boost testosterone production, more emphasis should be put on omega-3s because of their unique benefits.

The fats that you need to boost testosterone naturally contain crucial hormones and they can be gotten from egg yolks, cheese, and meats. However, these are saturated fats we’re talking about, so keep an eye on your macros and make sure you’re training hard!

Reduce Alcohol Consumption

If you are trying to boost your testosterone level naturally, alcohol consumption needs to be zero…or drastically reduced. This is because a large intake of alcohol causes an inflammatory response in the body that reduces the production of testosterone in the body. I covered this in more detail in How alcohol affects your strength in the gym

Environment and Lifestyle Tips for Boosting Testosterone

Sleep for 8 hours a day

Irregular sleeping patterns can result in low dopamine and testosterone levels but with at least 8 hours of sleep per day, the level of testosterone production in the body will be high.

In short, sleeping is one of the most important parts of your life, not just for boosting testosterone but muscle recovery as well!

Stay away from your PC and mobile phone in the evening

Exposure to blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm of the body and also raises cortisol levels and decreases the production of testosterone. If you will be working with any of your devices late at night, consider using a blue light-blocking-glass.

Regular sex is important

Regular sex supports elevated levels of testosterone. No matter the type or form of sex, it helps your endocrine system and testosterone levels increase naturally.

Limit your exposure to harmful chemicals

Drinking a lot of water will help filter the contaminants in your body and flush out the micro-toxins. Also ensure you limit your exposure to those chemicals because they have the potential of reacting negatively with the body potentially affecting the level of testosterone production.

Water also has other benefits, read 5 Reasons to drink more water to find out what these are.