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Welcome to The Tenth Yard, I provide Online Personal Training and Calisthenics Coaching to those looking to achieve a physique and a lifestyle you can be proud of for many years to come.

I specialise in Calisthenics (bodyweight) training to both help build muscle and burn fat, as a certified nutritionist my focus is on making long term sustainable changes to your nutrition so you never feel like you are on a diet but are able to perform and look your best.

If you are ready to go beyond the whole 9 yards with your health & fitness goals, contact me today and lets begin!

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Personal Training

One on one personal training in and around Southend and surrounding area, I get up close and personal and put you through your paces, I’m not a fan of comfort zones and I will be pushing you through yours with intense sessions aimed at helping you smash your health & fitness goals.

Online Coaching

Need an online coach? I’ve got you covered! pay per month for workout and nutrition plans tailored specifically to you to meet whatever goals you want to achieve. Weekly check-ins with daily support and motivation, support and guidance via phone, email or Skype. As close as I can get without actually being there!

Workout & Nutrition Plans

Perfect for those wanting a fresh routine or nutrition plan tailored towards their goal but don’t want a generic plan off the internet, these plans will be about you and your goals. You can of course ask as many questions as you like at any point about the plan.


A bit about me, I am a REPS Level 2 & 3 qualified Personal Trainer, Calisthenics Coach & Nutritionist with over 10 years experience in the gym, you can read my personal story here. But that’s enough of the qualification talk, you’re on this page asking yourself if you can achieve your goals with my help.

Exercise, believe it or not, can actually be fun, i’d even go as far as saying it’s a requirement. If you don’t enjoy what you do in or outside of the gym then you’re never going to give it 100%, with me as your personal trainer I aim to create a plan suitable for your goals that is fun to do as well as ensuring that you pick up the same knowledge that I did along the way.

Knowledge is power and the more I can pass on to you the better, if you understand WHY you’re doing what you are doing you will benefit more from it.

Every client is different from the next, there is no ‘one size fits all’ plan or routine that will work for everyone, this is why my clients are treated as individuals with specific goals and needs, you might be looking to drop some body fat, gain some muscle or just get fitter and healthier, whatever your motivation for wanting to step foot inside the gym, I can help ensure you get started on the right track in a safe and healthy way.

If you’re ready, click the button below and lets smash your goals!


Scotty Godward

I'd been trying to gain muscle for a year or so on my own by doing bodybuilding, I was getting stronger but still looked the same. When I found the guys at The Tenth Yard they introduced me to more more of a functional style of training, this is where my love for Calisthenics (body weight training) exploded and my training become more interesting than doing bicep curls in front of a mirror! The routines they put me through barely used weights but I saw more progress in 12 weeks than I did in 12 months!

Alex Gentle

When I reached 21 stone I realised I needed to hit the gym, so I signed up by myself and I did 60 minute cardio sessions 3 times a week but barely saw any difference and hated going. I needed help and that's when I found The Tenth Yard. They showed me that the gym was just 20% of what i needed to do, it was my diet that was hindering my weight loss in the gym. In 5 months I dropped from 21 stone down to 15 stone! I don't drag myself the gym anymore (I look forward to it!) and boring cardio sessions were a distant memory. I've still got a bit more to go but now I have the knowledge and motivation to do it all thanks to The Tenth Yard.

Siobhan Porter

I used to think the only way I could achieve my goals was tireless hours of cardio each and every day. With this idea embedded into my mind, I loathed trips to the gym and exercise in general. The Tenth Yard opened my eyes to a plethora of exercises that I not only enjoy but find incredibly effective in my journey to achieve my goals. As a female, it can sometimes be a daunting or embarrassing experience to train with a male PT. With Mark, I feel totally comfortable and at ease as a result of his professionalism and knowledge in his field. Mark has educated me on both diet and exercise and I can now say that I feel more confident in my appearance than ever before.

Ryan Trent

I've been training with Mark for 9 months now, I've achieved above and beyond my expectation. You can ask him anything from diet to exercises for whatever you're trying to achieve and he will give you the best advice for you to reach your goal. Mark isn't your average personal trainer, he's been dedicated to training for years, he's passionate and loves what he does. I can't recommend him enough for anyone looking to make serious progress!


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07900 456 063